Manuel Giuliani

Manuel Giuliani is Professor in Geriatronics at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Before going to Kempten, Manuel was Professor in Embedded Cognitive AI for Robotics at the University of the West of England and Co-Director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. He received a Master of Arts in computational linguistics from Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, and a Master of Science and a PhD in computer science from Technical University Munich.

Manuel also worked at the Technical University Munich, the research transfer institute Fortiss, and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg, where he led the Human-Robot Interaction group.

Manuel's research interests include assistive robotics, human-robot interaction, social robotics, natural language processing, multimodal fusion, multimodal output generation, augmented and virtual reality interfaces, and embedded cognitive robot architectures.

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